These are testimonials from clients:



 “I would like to thank Dr. Li, for her professional advice, her approach and clinical excellence when she treating my back problem. My knowledge of acupuncture was very limited, but it was recommended at the initial consultation with Dr. Li, to try a course of treatments before considering a more invasive approch which had been suggested by other doctors. The results of a course of acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine have been dramatic and I have noticed an improvement of about 80%, in my symptoms and mobility in a two week period. I am certainly delighted with the results and wish to thank Dr. Li sincerely for her advice and treatment. I would also like to say hoe impressed I was by her expertise and professionalism.”

                                                                                                      --- J. H. N. FERRIS

‘‘I had neck and upper back pain for more than six months, I am a farmer, every time when I work I feel the pain get worse and worse, and also the pain made me down, I can’t sleep well. After see the newspaper, I came to Dr. Li and want to try it. Dr. Li use acupuncture, massage and Herbal medicine, after the first session I feel the pain a lot ease, after three sessions I feel the pain free, I can’t believe it , it’s marvellous, I consolidate a few sessions, and now I just feel I am like a new man.’’

                                                                                                        ---David Burgess



‘‘In 2008, I went through an operation for back surgery.  Afterwards all the old pain had been replaced with new pain associated with the surgery. Then I began recovery treatment using prescribed medication, physiotherapy but I have not got good result. After my friend introduced I have an initial consultation with Dr Li (whom I found to be very knowledgeable, experienced and professional), I began a course of treatment with acupuncture and massage, cupping, herbal medicine. The results being that I am now much more flexible and mobility have more almost pain free days and can confidently say some pain has now been totally eradicated with other pain as much as 70% relieved.  I still have a long way to go yet but with each passing day there is improvement so I will be continuing with regular follow up treatments with Dr Li.’’

                                                                                          --- Henry Ng


“I had been suffering from severe ligament pain for number of weeks, when a friend suggested I should visit Dr. Li Chinese Medicine Clinic for treatment. After only the second appointment the pain had decreased hugely and subsequent improvement. The professionalism and patient care shown by Dr. Li is of the very highest standard and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in discomfort. I myself will be sure to attend Dr. Li clinic should the need arise and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Li for the tremendous help she has been."

                                                                                                           --- John Flynn 


‘‘After months and years of headaches, sore neck, and shoulder, lack of sleep with the pain, from a road traffic accident, taking pain killers 4 times a day as well as anti-inflammatory tablets and sessions of physiotherapy, I’d had enough. After reading about Dr Li’s Chinese Clinic in the newspaper I decided to give acupuncture a go. After 2 sessions I had the best night sleep in month’s even years, after 4 sessions I felt like a normal person again. The headaches were gone, my neck and shoulder didn’t ache anymore, and I didn’t need to take anymore pain killers. I would recommend using Chinese Medicine foremost, after all it’s been around a lot longer than the NHS.”

                                                                             ---Michelle Considine





“I have long term back problem, but recently this was added to when I went to open a drawer on 13th, February, I took a very serious shooting pain from my back right down my hip and leg to my foot, it appear something was pressing on my sciatica nerve. It meant I was unable to put my left foot to the ground trying to walk was a nightmare. I had to stop every two steps with the pain. Since attempting the clinic of Dr. Li for acupuncture, the sciatica and leg pain has greatly eased. She has helped me so much I do not have to stop every two steps. Now after 3 weeks, I have no pain at all. Also helping insomnia I now manage to get good sleep every night.”

                                                                                                   --- France Wallace

“I have suffered from sciatica for years and after two weeks treatments the pain has gone all together. This was after I tried other ways to no avail. I then wanted to lose weight and am barked on treatment for that. With a big weight loss after the first week, it then settled into a steady 1lb per week under 2 inches off my waist. The treatment given by Dr. Li has been first class, given in a friendly atmosphere which is very relaxing.”

                                                                                                       --- John Graham



‘‘My right shoulder and arm felt quite painful in the morning when I got up 3 weeks ago, the pain is serious, like trapped nerve, pain continues, even my right finger felt num sometimes, I can’t sleep well. Especially turn over my neck is very difficult for me, when I driving the pain got worse. After a few sessions of treatment combined acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine by Dr. Li, the pain begins to getting better and better, I feel more movement, the pain nearly gone. I really got benefit from acupuncture; I will recommend Dr. Li to EVERYONE.’’

                                                                                       ---Thomas Harold Williamson



“Doctor Linda has made a big difference to my life inside only 2 weeks. I have had trouble with my back and neck for most of my life. As a long distance truck driver and furniture removals contractor my work does cause stress and I need to lift heavy items every day. I never believed in acupuncture and don't like needles and I have attended a very good osteopath for years. I also had hospital heat treatment. Both of these were only a temp relief from the pain. After my second treatment with Linda I did notice a reduced pain and today I don't have any problem at all. I only regret that I had not come to see Doctor Linda a long time ago.” 

                                                                                                           --- Jim Kinghan





After suffering a spinal trauma in my early twenties, I have been placed with various problems: Sciatica, Joint pain, Headaches, Muscle pain and General Discomfort throughout my body. Over the past few years I have attended numerous Chiropractors and Physiotherapists with no real long term gain. The last couple of years have seen my condition steadily get worse. So I decided to give Dr Li (Linda) a try for some relief. It was apparent to me right away that Linda has an understanding of the Spine and Nervous system way beyond that of any other practitioner I had come across. I therefore proceeded to take treatments involving acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine. After a few treatments I began to notice a significant difference. A lowering in pain levels, swelling began to dissipate and general movement became a lot easier. I also have had the benefit of less headaches and a much better sleeping pattern. My personal opinion is that this is the best treatment I have ever had, if anyone is skeptical about acupuncture or Chinese traditional medicines in any from don’t be. I would highly recommend a visit to Dr Li’s clinic; you will be greeted with a warm smile and a practitioner who is head and shoulders above the crowd. I cannot thank DR Li enough for the treatment and relief she has given me..”

                                                                                                      --- Eric Strange


I am bricklaying contractor, heavy lifting work cause my sciatica back again, after 3 weeks the symptoms got worse, nerves pain continues. After a few visits with Dr. Li, the pain reduces greatly, now I can back to work again. Had never had acupuncture before but would recommend it for sciatica relief. Thank you Dr. Li.”

                                                                                                         ---Paul Rollo


‘‘I would like to thank Dr. Li for all her help and experience to help me with my problem of wear and tear. After a course of treatment I really feel a lot better.I can get up and down of a seat without the stick, walk a lot better, and the attention and care which I got---was first class."

                                                                                                  ---Leonora Williams

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