Allergy Testing

This is a food allergy testing service that tells you what food to avoid or consume less of to make you feel more energetic. Give us a piece of your hair and we will do the rest.

                     WE   TEST  FOR 

All Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies
All additives used in Food & Drinks
13 Sweeteners
43 Vegetables
16 fats & Dairy Products
28 Meats & Poultry
39 Fish & Shellfish
45 Fruits
10 Nuts
13 Grains
14 Pulses
10 Beverages
35 Herbs & Spices
10 Toxins
30 miscellaneous items including:-
house dust mite, feathers, animal hair, aerosols, air scents,grasses, plants, flowers, nicotine, yeast, wines, beers, spirits, tap water, cosmetics, shampoos, bio-wash products, bleaches, cleaners,fluorescent lighting, power pylons, TV monitors etc.

We will also test items you feel are causing you problems,
such as medications, work materials etc.

Your personal report sheet is fully supported with notes on any allergies, describing what causes them and how best to deal with them. The test is normally processed within 48 hours, but please allow 7 working days


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